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Sneaker Must-Haves for 2020

2020 is the YEAR of the SNEAKER!

So I have not always been a fan of the sneaker - In fact I was always the girl in the heels and if flat shoes were the order of the day, I always preferred to wear pumps or boots. I mean - sneakers are for the sports fields... Aren't they??

But in 2017, I was introduced to the FitFlop sneaker range .... and well .... the rest is history - fashion history this is. 

So with my new shoe obsession growing - I thought I would share with you my TOP 5 sneaker Must-Haves for 2020. 


NO 1 - The White Tennis-Looking Sneaker

Wear it with jeans, a dress or even your athleisurewear .... this is the number 1 essential sneaker every woman needs to have. If you are building your sneaker collection - this is where you start. 

Rally White - Click to Shop


NO 2 - The Sporty Black Sneaker

Comfy and Casual - the black sporty sneaker, is a another basic. 


Airmesh Black - Click to Shop

Adeleen Black - Click to Shop



NO 3 - The Colorful Sneakers

Once you have your basics set - you can start having some fun. Add COLOUR to your sneaker range. Be it rainbow colourful or monotone colourful ..... be bold and don't hold back

Freya Blue - Click to Shop


 Legacy - Click to Shop



NO 4 - The Platform Sneaker

This style has been bubbling on the trendy front for a few season now. But with the explosion of ALL THINGS SNEAKER - you need to add a pair of these to your collection. 



 Sneaky (white or snake) - Click to Shop


NO 5 - The Futuristic Sneaker

This sneaker trend is the "new kid on the block" - and may not be every woman's favorite. But if you are on the TRENDIER style side of continuum then you will want a pair of these. Think bulky.... think Space-age... think UGG


Ugg Neutra - Click to Shop


Ugg LA Cloud - Click to Shop


So there you have it - the 5 sneaker styles you need to invest in for  2020. If any of them catch your eye - you can shop the styles above on our online store! 

Happy Shopping

Michelle D



March 02, 2020 by michelle du plessis