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Bra Guru - Get your bra fitting right

We are proud to have introduced The Bra Guru to our collection in 2018.

The Bra Guru aims to offer’s a personalised bra fitting experience as we understand that as women we want the best shape, support and comfort for our bodies. When a bra fits you perfectly you not only feel better but you look great too. You must aim to feel good from the foundation out.
The Bra Guru offer a range of high-quality lingerie that effortlessly fuses gorgeous detailing with outstanding
comfort and support that can only emphasise your natural shape. If you have a special requirement we can assist you too! It’s time for you to accept your shape and “assets” no matter their size.

To book your appointments please call 082-822-9628
or email us at
June 17, 2018 by Macaroon Collection Admin