Be "Forever Young" with Macaroon Collection this Summer

We could not be more excited about the trends for Summer 2016 - with the next 8 months ahead of us we guarantee that you you will love what is in the store and online

This season its all about taking inspiration from nature


Coral  & Peach- these colours could not be hotter than it is this season. Combine with some turquoise and you have a HIT


Flower Child - Go natural and earthy with your accessories with this trend


Ocean inspiration - not quite nautical but drawing from it .... let the deep ocean blues drown you


Let it SHINE - metallic ... if it shimmers its a MUST HAVE


Dessert Rose - draw inspiration from the wilderness. Natural nudes and softer aloe shades


Embrace the storm - done shy away from the darker greys and blacks.  


 Tame the ocean with nudes .... 


Gypsy style - be free with this trend. Keep it natural, love the lace and add a touch of turquoise.


Hope you enjoy these trends as much as we do

September 21, 2016 by Macaroon Collection Admin