Be "Forever Young" with Macaroon Collection this Summer
The Sisterhood of Macaroon

We are so excited to announce the campaign theme for Macaroon Collection for 2017 **


At Macaroon Collection we have always believed that we are "more than just a store" and we have tried our utmost best over the past 5 years to embody this. April 2017 is our 5th Anniversary (yes can you believe how time has flown) - and with turning 5 we have decided to take Macaroon Collection into a new and exciting space


"In the last 18 months - I have come to deeply appreciate the female support I have in my life. Not just my mom but friends who have become sisters, my dear sister-in-law, the lovely ladies who work in the same building as me (Stijl Salon) and other entrepreneurial woman who have cross my path (from accountants to designers). And I want to celebrate this" - Michelle - founder of Macaroon Collection. 


And so we are so excited to not only celebrate but promote the bond only woman can understand with the launch of The Sisterhood Of Macaroon Collection



We started our campaign off with the shoot of our very first Winter 2017 look book with two lovely sisters - Rachelle and Marchelle - who are both beautiful inside and out. 



We how you are all excited as we are about the new space that Macaroon Collection in moving into. We want to extend a big THANK YOU to all the amazing woman who have been part of our journey thus far (from family and friends to clients and business partners) and we look forward to all the new woman who will be joining the #sisterhoodofmacaroon.


Love, as always,

The Macaroon Collection Team


April 06, 2017 by Macaroon Collection Admin