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Meet the Founder

Who is the founder and owner of Macaroon Collection?

Photo by Meliska du Plessis Photography

After graduating from TUKS with a BCom degree, Michelle started her career as a wedding planner. As the owner of Silver Lining Coordination, Michelle planned and coordinated over 150 weddings and is proud to have a few awards to her name for some of the weddings planned. In 2009, with the decision to complete her honours in Marketing, she decided to slowly move over into corporate events and marketing and for the five years that followed Michelle experience the world of big corporate events, TV shows, APP development and much more.

In 2012, with the need to get back into the world of pretty things, Michelle decided to take her obsession with handbags and turn it into a business. Macaroon Collection started as a small business selling bags on facebook and at “handbag parties”. Within a year the concept grew into a fully-fledged online store and in April 2014 it was decided to open a beautiful retail outlet in Pretoria.

With the completion of her Masters degree in 2015, where the focus was emphasized on the online shopping experience, it is the hope that Michelle will take Macaroon Collection to the next level with online shopping.

In her spare time Michelle enjoys running, gardening, cooking and quality time with the loved one in her life. Pop by the showroom in Pretoria and have a coffee with Michelle - she would love to get to know you