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Macaroon Collection is proudly supporting this great cause in 2019.


The Grace Factory is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 123-700) that aims to help moms and babies in need in South Africa.

We provide maternity packs to new moms in need in government hospitals and clinics – with the ultimate aim of restoring hope and reducing child abandonment – something we are very passionate about! These packs include an outfit, vest, beanie, blanket, socks, nappies, wetwipes, bum cream, aqueous cream, baby soap, face cloth and maternity pads.

Our secondary goal is to support children’s homes by providing them with basic necessities such as clothes, blankets, toiletries and nappies.

Our long term goal is to ensure that every mom who delivers a baby in a South African government hospital or clinic receives a maternity pack.

We aim to assist in meeting the basic needs of babies and children in South Africa.