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Roon Slip-on Wool Slippers - Beige

R 499.00

Sheepskin and wool slippers are made with 100% sheepskin leather, luxurious soft wool inner, suede outer, sheepskin collar and a rubber sole.

This is a slip-on slipper and has an open heel


Sizing - is standard UK sizing


Cleaning Instructions

Avoid machine washing your sheepskin slippers or boots, they should be washed only by hand. Fill an average size bucket with cold water, add a spoon of wool detergent and mix thoroughly. Immerse your pair completely in the mixture, letting them soak for 5-10 minutes. While still immersed, rub down lightly with a sponge. When done, rinse them thoroughly in cold water and let them air dry naturally in a cool place. While they are drying never expose them to direct sunlight or use a heater or hair dryer to dry them.

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