And Just Like That

Spring has arrived at Macaroon Collection

It may be a little early with September still a few weeks away - BUT that is not going to stop us from launching our NEW Summer 2022/2023 collections

Happy Shopping

New to Macaroon Collection

Holster Sneakers & Sandals

We have always loved this brand and we are so proud to finally add it to our collection.

This premium brand from Australia is now in stock and ready to make your summer even more amazing. With the first shipment landed - we have sneakers, sandals and wedges.

With loads more to come....

They are back

Our Exclusive ROON Glass Bead Bracelets

They were a huge hit last year - and so we have more, in some of the popular colours as well as some new colours.

Shop these and our other bracelets now

All new leather colour


Say hello to the newest colour to the beautiful Antelo Leather Bag Range



In 2021 we introduced ROON – our in-house brand of clothing and accessories. This year we are introducing ROON LTD. While the ROON items are mostly ranges like our Loungewear which will be standard ranges throughout the year – ROON LTD will be once off LIMITED styles. These items will have small quantities available and will not be repeated. This ensures the exclusivity and uniqueness that we at Macaroon Collection have always strived for.


Trendy Loungewear


Be Comfortable, Trendy and Warm this winter with our Loungewear range.
Marked down to R499 per set - we are saying good-bye to this collection.

Courier Rates Increase

Offering your THE BEST

We all are aware of the increase in fuel - and sadly we have to increase the rates of courier as well.

We have tried to use cheaper courier services but sadly their delivery time and customer services do not compare to The Courier Guy. Thus we are reverting to our trusted courier partner - The Courier Guy.

As with everything in life - better service does cost a little more.